The Mindful Wardrobe Project

Sew a cohesive wardrobe as a practice of self-care

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Clothe yourself authentically, with less stress.

The Mindful Wardrobe Project is a course and community for sewists, from beginning to advanced. It provides a step-by-step path to define your style, curate your closet, and craft a sewing plan.

So many of us feel overwhelmed by our closets and our to-make lists, confused about our style, or unhappy with our bodies. This online course anchors you in fashion practices that are healthy, not just for you, but for the Earth and its people.


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Meet Meg, Your Guide

Meg McElwee is the author & designer behind Sew Liberated. For over a decade, her sewing patterns have helped women feel amazing in their clothes.

Meg has a deep commitment to sustainable living and body positivity. She combined these passions with her background in philosophy & teaching to create The Mindful Wardrobe Project, a transformative course in slow fashion.

Learn more about Meg.

Tired of wasting time and money on clothing, fabric & patterns that aren't quite right?

The Mindful Wardrobe Project is a 7-week online course

Following along with Meg, in community with other sewists, you'll learn:

How to dismantle body shame

and step into your unique beauty and power

Four essential styling secrets

that will transform how you feel in your clothes

How to curate your ideal wardrobe

based on your personality & lifestyle

Your preferred clothing shapes

& how to create well-composed outfits

How to adjust any sewing pattern

to fit YOUR body

How to make time for sewing

as a practice of self-care

How to set up a sewing studio

to make the most of any space

Eco-friendly sewing practices

including mending clothes and handling scraps

"The act of sewing should be, at its root, an act of resistance to fast fashion. They say fast, we say slow. They say more, we say less. They say perfection, we say process. They say competition, we say community." - Meg McElwee, creator of the Mindful Wardrobe Project

Experience the warmth of the Mindful Wardrobe community

As part of the Mindful Wardrobe Project, you will receive:

a digital Mindful Wardrobe course book authored by Meg

over 3 hours of instructional videos plus tours of Meg's sewing studio and closet

a year of personalized support with fitting issues - for ANY pattern!

our course community, where you'll find style challenges, answers to your questions, and feel uplifted as your confidence blooms

a digital reference book of 200+ warm and cold outfit ideas, featuring diverse sewing patterns and body shapes

a printable, stress-relieving sewing project planner

a list of the best fabrics for garment sewing, and where to find them

It's about the clothes, but it's not REALLY about the clothes

Moving through your Mindful Wardrobe Project alongside other women results in a powerful, communal healing experience. You will rediscover your inner fire and be encouraged to bravely step into the world to shine your light. It all starts by dressing yourself with intention.

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"The class with Meg totally changed my view of clothing. The exercises she used to walk us through finding our style were eye-opening and left me inspired to continue the journey. Wait til you see me next time — my personal style will be rock-star!"

Rita Herrmann

"Meg’s course really helped me fill in the blanks in creating a true capsule wardrobe that works for me. I started sewing this year, which brings with it learning what patterns and design lines look good on my specific body. The tips I learned in Meg’s course will help me as I further refine my wardrobe."

Candace N'Diaye

Make your clothes, change your life

Both beginning and experienced sewists will feel at home in the course. Work through the material with the group, or go at your own pace. It's slow fashion, after all, so you have lifetime access to the course materials.

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