Here are some answers to several questions we have received about the course.


Q: How much does the The Mindful Wardrobe Project cost?

A: The enrollment fee is $295. 

This includes lifetime access to all materials from the 7 week course (that can be completed at any pace) as well as one year access to the MWP Fitting Community which offers robust and personal interaction with experts on whatever sewing project you're working on. We've covered fitting of everything from jeans to simple boxy tops to velvet dresses.

Q: What level of sewing experience is this geared for? 

A: Beginner to advanced. This isn't a learn-to-sew class, however.


Q: Will there be future sessions of the course?

A: Yes. We will run a session several times during the year. If you sign up for the waitlist, we will try to prioritize getting you into a class.


 Q: Are classes recorded? Do I have to watch at a specific time?

A: The class is pre-recorded and self-paced. You can watch the videos any time. Each week, you will get a new module, but once you get it, you will always have access, even after the class has ended.


Q: I'm not in the United States. Can I join the course?

A: Yes! Absolutely, we would love to have you! There is an online community, but again, no one is expected to be on at any particular time of day. The course materials are all in English.


Q: Do I need a Facebook or other social media account?

A: The course has its own community, which you also access at courses.sewliberated.com, just using your account with us. No need for Facebook or any other social media accounts.


Q: My personal style is different from what I see in your photos. Will the Mindful Wardrobe course work for me if I have a different style?

A: Part of the process we go through in the course is determining where your lifestyle, climate, body type, and personality intersect in order to choose the best styles and patterns for your personal circumstances. The clothing you see me wearing reflects my personal style and lifestyle needs.

But your style will be different from mine, and that's great! Part of the course contains a outfit "lookbook" that shows how folks with other body types and style preferences put together outfits.


I am so excited to do this with you all! xo, Meg


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